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Runners gathering at the starting line at Good Neighbor Day 2023 in Downingtown, PA

Supporting Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Since 2016, LBDesign has been an active supporter of Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Good Neighbor Day is a community-organized day of of events, held every year on July 4th, to celebrate both the birthday of the USA and the local area community. Beginning with a race, the entire day is filled with activities for the whole family. Founded more than 40 years ago, Good Neighbor Day serves as a fundraiser for the fire and rescue services within the Downingtown Area School District.

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A computer screen reviewing stats for a zero day attack

Zero Day Attacks: Minimizing the Risk for WordPress Websites

As marketing and design consultants, we work to keep our clients, and ourselves, safe from hackers and malicious software, primarily from website hackers. Given the nature of zero day attacks, websites may be vulnerable before there is a solution, but there are still ways to reduce the risk of these vulnerabilities.

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How to Share Passwords Safely

As a marketing and design consultancy, we work very closely with our clients in their online marketing effort. We regularly need access to our clients’ accounts for their website hosting, domain name registration, and social media outlets. As such, we need our clients to safely share their account usernames and passwords with us. Emailing usernames and passwords is not safe and can lead to hacked accounts. Instead of emailing usernames and passwords, we recommend a tool called Password Pusher.

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A sample call to action that converts

Small Changes to Website Functionality Deliver Significant Returns to Our Client

Sometimes making small changes to your website can lead to big results for your business. Not every great tale of success comes with a big bill to fund that growth. As a marketing agency, we want to share the details of one of our smaller website marketing projects that delivered significant results for our client.

Working with a boutique law firm in the American Midwest, we undertook a holistic (but small scale) approach to research and optimize the site so as to grow the firm’s client base.

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What is Web Hosting and Who Do We Recommend?

Our clients regularly come to us with questions about web hosting. We thought that others may find the answers valuable, so wanted to share our answers here on our blog.

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Survivors Fund Donation Page

Increasing Donations With a New Design

As taking donations online is undoubtedly an important aspect of having a website for non-profit organizations, we work with our clients to ensure they get the most value from their websites and donation forms. We help organizations increase donations by crafting intuitive designs and engaging messaging. We configure tracking systems to empower charities to see how visitors are using their site, so those charities can make informed decisions about increasing donations through their sites. Continue reading »

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A Google Analytics geo chart

SEO Audit to Increase Website Conversions

While an online brochure website can bring value to any business or organization, we work with our clients to ensure they get the most value from their sites. We craft designs, target messages, and calls-to-action geared towards helping our clients grow their businesses and organizations by encouraging visitors to their websites to contact our clients via a website form, email, or telephone call. For LBDesign, a website must deliver real business value. Continue reading »

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WordPress Learning Resources

WordPress Learning Resources

As designers, developers, and marketing consultants focused on WordPress, we like to stay up-to-date on the changes within the WordPress environment. We’re committed to growing our knowledge and improving our skills. To do that, we regularly read blog posts, subscribe to newsletters, and take courses relating to using, designing and developing for WordPress. Continue reading »

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WordPress Podcasts

WordPress Podcasts

As active members of the WordPress community and as podcasters ourselves (okay, only Liam so far), we like to keep our ears perked to what’s going on in the WordPress community. To do that, we listen to WordPress-related podcasts, whether that’s from a business or community perspective or design and development perspective.  Continue reading »

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The Girls Home website

Supporting Young Girls in Nicaragua with a New Website

Late last month, we published a new website for our long time client, The Girls Home. In Granada, Nicaragua, The Girls Home Central offers shelter, safety, education, and more to 34 local girls. The girls are social orphans, unable to stay with their families due to a variety of unique circumstances. The Girls Home is run by the Madre Albertina nuns. Continue reading »

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