Digital Newsletters + Email Marketing

Digital Newsletter Services

Building an audience and staying connected with that audience can deliver significant returns for businesses and non-profits engaged in online marketing. When looking to grow or keep the attention of a target audience, digital newsletters deliver a highly effective way to build and maintain close relationships with existing customers or donors, to win new clients, and to build a strong community around your business or non-profit.

Monthly or Quarterly Digital Newsletter

As a marketing and design consultancy, we work with clients to create a digital newsletter that will deliver real value for subscribers and a return on investment for the client. We work to craft a newsletter format that will connect with our clients’ subscribers, while not overtaxing our clients ability to get a monthly newsletter out the door every month.

Email Fundraising Campaigns

For our our non-profit clients, we also craft and deliver specific, targeted fundraising campaigns delivered via email.

For our digital newsletter and email marketing work, we regularly recommend our preferred email marketing tool, MailChimp.

Whether you’re interested in doubling the industry open rate with your existing digital newsletter, or if you’re thinking about getting started with a newsletter for your own organization, please get it touch!

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