Small Changes to Website Functionality Deliver Significant Returns to Our Client

Sometimes making small changes to your website can lead to big results for your business. Not every great tale of success comes with a big bill to fund that growth. As a marketing agency, we want to share the details of one of our smaller website marketing projects that delivered significant results for our client.

Working with a boutique law firm in the American Midwest, we undertook a holistic (but small scale) approach to research and optimize the site so as to grow the firm’s client base.

Working to Convert Visitors into Clients

We knew that our client’s site was seeing more than 800 visitors per month, with about 80% of those visitors coming to the site from a Google search. A great many of those visits were to a specific blog post on our client’s site. We approached our client with an idea on how to convert more of those visitors into customers. Our client was interested in our plan and we got to work.

Small Scale Changes

Reviewing Website Traffic with Google Analytics

We started by reviewing Google Analytics for the law firm’s website to determine the most visited pages on the firm’s website. We discovered which keywords and searches were bringing visitors to the site, and more specifically, to the site’s most visited pages. From that, we organized the site’s pages and blog posts into different groups based on the keywords and search phrases that brought visitors to those WordPress posts.

Engaging Calls-to-Action

With the data uncovered in Google Analytics, we drafted suitable calls-to-action for the different categories of posts. We created two preset calls-to-action (one general to the area of law that our client focuses upon, and other very specific to a sub-topic of that area of law.) With a click of a tick-box within the WordPress dashboard, we made it so that each post could pull in one or the other depending on the content of that post. We also added functionality to allow for a custom call-to-action on a post-by-post basis.

A sample call to action that converts

A mock-up of a simple call-to-action

Harnessing the power of WordPress and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, we designed and built that expanded functionality into the law firm’s WordPress website. With this new functionality, the firm is able to optimize all of the pages and posts on its website to encourage visitors to contact the firm.

Within each call-to-action, we included a headline, a small text area, language for the button, and a destination URL.

Message-Specific Landing Pages

As getting a visitor to click on a call-to-action button is only the first step towards conversion, we created unique landing pages for each preset call-to-action. The two preset calls-to-action were given their own corresponding landing pages. We also included the ability to easily create additional landing pages for additional custom calls-to-action. So, on a highly-visited page about a specific legal issue not covered by the preset calls-to-action, the message of the call-to-action may be customized to match. Clicking on the call-to-action on that targeted message directs the visitor to a custom landing page that continues the focus on that same topic.

Big Results: Functionality that Converts

A Solid Return on Investment

We’re delighted that our work delivered three times the cost of the work in the first nine months after launch. That is, the work that our client picked up through the new calls-to-action on the law firm’s website brought in 300% more than the cost of the original project. Even better, this law firm continues to bring in new clients on an ongoing basis through these calls-to-action. Our small round of updates continues to pay dividends for our client on a monthly basis.

A Sales Funnel that Converts

In the nine months following the launch of this expanded functionality, the two preset calls-to-action converted at impressive rates. One converted at a rate of 50%, while the other converted at a rate of 75% – proving that the content specific calls-to-action can deliver significant returns.

Get More out of Your Own Website

If you’re looking to get better results out of your website, we invite you to get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to chat with you about how our approach to online marketing can deliver returns for your organization.

Get More Value from Your Website
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