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A computer screen reviewing stats for a zero day attack

Zero Day Attacks: Minimizing the Risk for WordPress Websites

As marketing and design consultants, we work to keep our clients, and ourselves, safe from hackers and malicious software, primarily from website hackers. Given the nature of zero day attacks, websites may be vulnerable before there is a solution, but there are still ways to reduce the risk of these vulnerabilities.

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How to Share Passwords Safely

As a marketing and design consultancy, we work very closely with our clients in their online marketing effort. We regularly need access to our clients’ accounts for their website hosting, domain name registration, and social media outlets. As such, we need our clients to safely share their account usernames and passwords with us. Emailing usernames and passwords is not safe and can lead to hacked accounts. Instead of emailing usernames and passwords, we recommend a tool called Password Pusher.

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5 Reasons to Publish a Company Newsletter

As marketing consultants, we regularly field questions about the business value of or case for company newsletters. We’ve been writing and publishing a monthly company newsletter since January 2014 – and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.

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WordPress Learning Resources

WordPress Learning Resources

As designers, developers, and marketing consultants focused on WordPress, we like to stay up-to-date on the changes within the WordPress environment. We’re committed to growing our knowledge and improving our skills. To do that, we regularly read blog posts, subscribe to newsletters, and take courses relating to using, designing and developing for WordPress. Continue reading »

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WordPress Podcasts

WordPress Podcasts

As active members of the WordPress community and as podcasters ourselves (okay, only Liam so far), we like to keep our ears perked to what’s going on in the WordPress community. To do that, we listen to WordPress-related podcasts, whether that’s from a business or community perspective or design and development perspective.  Continue reading »

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How to Get the Most out of Attending Conferences

As we’re preparing to head south to Nashville, TN this week for WordCamp US, we are thinking about the people and places we want to meet and see. We are also considering how we might get the most out of our time at this annual conference. Below are a few of the ways we’ve learned to optimize our time and effort over the years while attending conferences and events. Continue reading »

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