Supporting Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Since 2016, LBDesign has been an active supporter of Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Good Neighbor Day is a community-organized day of of events, held every year on July 4th, to celebrate both the birthday of the USA and the local area community. Beginning with a race, the entire day is filled with activities for the whole family. Founded more than 40 years ago, Good Neighbor Day serves as a fundraiser for the fire and rescue services within the Downingtown Area School District.

Runners gathering at the starting line at Good Neighbor Day 2023 in Downingtown, PA

As supporters of Good Neighbor Day, we designed and built a WordPress website to help promote the day – and have maintained it ever since. In 2023, we were privileged to play a more active role in promoting the day to the local area community.

As a marketing and design consultancy in Chester County, Pennsylvania, LBDesign is committed to supporting our local community. Our support of Good Neighbor Day enables us to share our knowledge and expertise in a way that gives back to the entire community – Good Neighbor Day is a premier event for the local area.

Building a Web Presence

Seven years ago, we were approached by the leadership of the Good Neighbor Day (GND) committee and asked to contribute a new website for the festival, then approaching its fortieth year. Working closely with that leadership team, we crafted a WordPress website to reflect the essence of Good Neighbor Day. We built in an advanced system to allow the organizing team at GND to recruit and organize the many local food and craft vendors that sell their wares on the day.

Good Neighbor Day is online at

Boosting Online Visibility through SEO

The crowd at Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown, PA in 2023

We understand the importance of online visibility and worked closely with GND organizers to improve the ranking of the Good Neighbor Day site in search engine results pages. Our focus was to get the GND site onto the first page of search results listings, and ideally close to the top of the first page of results. We are pleased to share that our efforts bore fruit and the GND site is now performing well on searches.

Fostering Community Engagement and Connection

LBDesign’s support extended beyond the website. We were actively involved in pre-event planning meetings, promoted the event through our own social networks, and volunteered at Kerr Park on Good Neighbor Day itself.

Looking Forward to 2024

With Good Neighbor Day now almost of weeks in the past, we are already looking forward to GND 2024. We are excited to have been invited to participate in planning activities again. We have committed to designing and building a new website for Good Neighbor Day. We look forward to creating an engaging, dynamic WordPress website to help promote and organize this community event.

See you there in 2024!

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