How to Share Passwords Safely

As a marketing and design consultancy, we work very closely with our clients in their online marketing effort. We regularly need access to our clients’ accounts for their website hosting, domain name registration, and social media outlets. As such, we need our clients to safely share their account usernames and passwords with us. Emailing usernames and passwords is not safe and can lead to hacked accounts. Instead of emailing usernames and passwords, we recommend a tool called Password Pusher.

Account Security is Important

As online marketing professionals, we spend a great deal of time logging in and out of online accounts. From that, we have a deep appreciation of the need for proper procedures and systems for safely sharing and storing client account details.

In the interest of helping our clients and others know how to share passwords safely, we’re sharing our own process for doing so.

  1. Go to

    Password Pusher is a simple little website to share passwords safely.

    A screenshot of PW Push, a tool for sharing passwords safely

  2. Put your password in the field

    When you reach the website, you will see a white box with the words “Enter the Password to be Shared.” Type your password into that field. Or paste it if you store your passwords in a password management tool like 1Password.

    A screenshot of the Password Pusher tool

  3. Click “Push it!”

    Push the button.

    Screenshot of how to use PW Push

  4. Copy the secret link

    After clicking the button, you’ll see a link. Copy the secret link.

    Use PW Push to share passwords safely

  5. Email the link to us

    Using whatever email client you use and like, paste the secret link into an email and send it to us. In a separate email, send us your username.

We’re committed to keeping our clients’ data safe. Together, we can help follow and maintain good practices for sharing passwords safely.

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