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A podcast setup with microphone and laptop

The Business Value of Starting Your Own Podcast

In the past three years, we have launched a variety of podcast shows and produced over 160 episodes. Given our level of podcasting experience, we want to share what we’ve learned with those who might be considering a podcast for their own business or non-profit. We have crafted a list of 10 key business values that podcasting can generate.

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Starting a company newsletter

Starting a Company Newsletter: How to Get Started

With our last blog post, we talked about building our distribution lists. One valuable way to capitalize those lists is with a company newsletter. We want to share some tips on starting a company newsletter.

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A distribution list in Mailchimp

Distribution Lists: The Key to Online Marketing Campaigns

From businesses to non-profits, our clients rely on online marketing, and we do our best to help them maximize results. We’re always exploring ways to make our online marketing more effective. Yet for any marketing campaign to deliver top quality results, a distribution list is an absolute must-have.

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A computer screen reviewing stats for a zero day attack

Zero Day Attacks: Minimizing the Risk for WordPress Websites

As marketing and design consultants, we work to keep our clients, and ourselves, safe from hackers and malicious software, primarily from website hackers. Given the nature of zero day attacks, websites may be vulnerable before there is a solution, but there are still ways to reduce the risk of these vulnerabilities.

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Repurposing content list on a Post-It note

Repurposing Content: Think Outside the Box

As marketing and design consultants, we know that businesses and non-profits of all sizes struggle with generating content for their online marketing efforts. Understandably, it can be a real challenge for business professionals to find the time and ideas for what they can produce as blog posts, videos, or podcasts. Over the years, we have helped a lot of folks expand the value of what they have already created by repurposing content for use and sharing in different ways.

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A note about using an editorial calendar

Editorial Calendar: The Backbone of Online Marketing

As marketing and design consultancy, we place a lot of value in the use of an editorial calendar in online marketing. We believe that a good editorial calendar is the backbone of any successful online marketing campaign. A well-crafted calendar provides the structure and direction to ensure that marketing content is consistently on message, on time, and on target. Continue reading »

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Web design Exton

5 More Reasons to Publish a Company Newsletter

Why are you in business? Is it to make money? To serve the world in a way that matches your passions? To support your family? Whatever your reason for being in business, any successful business needs to generate revenue. To generate that revenue, you need clients who are willing to pay you. To get clients willing to pay you, you need to demonstrate that you understand their problems, and that you can help them solve them. A company newsletter is one avenue that you can use to do just that. Continue reading »

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A sample call to action that converts

Small Changes to Website Functionality Deliver Significant Returns to Our Client

Sometimes making small changes to your website can lead to big results for your business. Not every great tale of success comes with a big bill to fund that growth. As a marketing agency, we want to share the details of one of our smaller website marketing projects that delivered significant results for our client.

Working with a boutique law firm in the American Midwest, we undertook a holistic (but small scale) approach to research and optimize the site so as to grow the firm’s client base.

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5 Reasons to Publish a Company Newsletter

As marketing consultants, we regularly field questions about the business value of or case for company newsletters. We’ve been writing and publishing a monthly company newsletter since January 2014 – and we have no intention of stopping any time soon.

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Liam Dempsey as ITAG Outreach & Marketing Chair

Liam Dempsey Named Outreach & Marketing Chair of ITAG Board

We’re delighted to announce that our own Liam Dempsey has been named as the Chair of the Outreach & Marketing Action Team for ITAG. As the Chair of that team, Liam will lead and coordinate efforts to grow and sustain the community of professionals that belong to ITAG. Liam was appointed to this volunteer position at the May 2019 meeting of ITAG. Continue reading »

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