Reintroducing the Start Local Podcast

Committed to supporting our local community, we are delighted to share the news that we  continue the relaunch of the Start Local podcast. Start Local is focused on helping businesses and non-profits in and around Chester County, Pennsylvania, connect and grow together. The aim of the show is to bring together the many folks that make up our local community in greater Philadelphia to share and learn from each other.

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A Phase 2, If You Will

We initially launched the show in April 2020 to help local businesses and nonprofits respond to the pandemic. Our guests shared insight and expertise on how to pivot business practices in the wake of Covid lockdowns. We paused the show in late 2020 as local, state, and federal agencies had their own systems in place to support businesses.

Earlier this year, we spearheaded efforts to relaunch the podcast, yet with a very different focus. With the worse of the pandemic in the rear view mirror, we wanted to help business and nonprofit leaders connect and growth together. We are eager to enable those who live, work, or play in and around Chester County, Pennsylvania to see the good work being done by good people in our local area.

Going Live and Garnering Attention

The second phase of the Start Local podcast went live in June of this year, with a conversation with US Representative Chrissy Houlahan. Since that initial conversation, we have spoken with Andrea Youndt, CEO of the Chester County Foodbank, Robert Jefferson, an attorney with Gawthrop Greenwood, Laura Manion, CEO of Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry, Eric Kuhn, Managing Partner of Pillar Real Estate Advisors, and more.

Tune In to the Start Local Podcast

Publishing every two weeks (every fortnight), the Start Local podcast is available on your favorite podcast player. All the episodes and show notes are available at

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