Increasing Donations With a New Design

As taking donations online is undoubtedly an important aspect of having a website for non-profit organizations, we work with our clients to ensure they get the most value from their websites and donation forms. We help organizations increase donations by crafting intuitive designs and engaging messaging. We configure tracking systems to empower charities to see how visitors are using their site, so those charities can make informed decisions about increasing donations through their sites.

Increasing donations through the Survivors Fund donation page

Redesigning the Donation Page to Increase Donations

We recently redesigned the donation page of one of our long-time clients, Survivors Fund (SURF), making it more intuitive, and adding PayPal as an additional payment method. Moreover, we changed the structure of the form itself, shortening the form, and paginating it, to reduce the chance of a potential donor being put off by a long donation form. We also highlighted additional donation methods more prominently, adding graphics and buttons where there had previously been only written copy.

Tracking Activity and Conversions

In our work to help SURF drive more donations, we set up Google Analytics goals and event tracking so we can better understand how visitors are using the site – and to better understand where and when those visitors are leaving the site. Now, we can also see when they click on an external link to a donation platform such as CAF America or download a PDF form for a Standing Order.

Moving Forward

Over the course of the coming weeks and months, we’ll work closely with SURF to keep an eye on the results of our efforts. We’re particularly interested in seeing how donations compare between this year and last year.

Get More out of Your Own Website

Whether you run a charity or a for-profit business, if you’re looking to get more out of your own website, we invite you to get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to chat with you about how our approach to design and online marketing can deliver results for your organization.

Get Results from Your Website
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