Our People

We really do believe that as a company, we’re more than the sum of our individuals.

At LBDesign, we have a great team here which brings a vast range of creativity, experience and professionalism to our projects. Please do take a few moments to read about us.

Liam DempseyLiam Dempsey

Director + Designer | Philadelphia
Marketing strategist, Print + Web designer, HTML + CSS coder, a dabbler of PHP, avid football (soccer) fan, pretty nice guy, dual citizen and early riser.

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A Working Relationship with Tadpole Collective

We have a long working relationship with Tadpole Collective. Since 2017, we have partnered with Tadpole Collective across a range of projects for both our clients and theirs. Tadpole Collective specializes in integrating CiviCRM with WordPress, delivering WordPress for easy content management and CiviCRM for constituent management, all accessed via single, central dashboard.