Highlighting the Chester County Community Fund

As a marketing and design consultancy committed to bettering our world, we affirm the dignity and value of humanity, and dedicate ourselves to working with those focused on similar goals. In short, we like helping people who help people.

At LBDesign, we are committed to addressing the injustices that plague our nation and our world. Part of those efforts includes highlighting organizations that are doing good, particularly in the area of social justice. We want to highlight the Chester County Community Foundation, an organization that shares our commitment to social justice.

Stand Up for Social Justice

Introducing the Chester County Community Foundation

Community foundations provide a variety of services to donors who wish to establish endowed funds without incurring the administrative and legal costs necessary to start an independent foundation.

Founded in 1994, the Chester County Community Foundation (CCCF) has been serving Chester County, Pennsylvania for over 25 years. CCCF is currently entrusted with more than 400 funds and holds more than $70 million in trust.

Like many nonprofit organizations, CCCF has faced significant hurdles since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet CCCF has persevered in its work to achieve its mission, and continues to do great work in the Chester County community.

With its COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, the Community Foundation has mobilized new donors, fund advisors, and weekly virtual grant panels. In COVID’s first six months, CCCF granted $450,000 to keep Chester County’s essential health and human service nonprofits working to benefit the community.

The Community Foundation also worked with Chester County’s Commissioners to administer the Restore Chester County Nonprofit Innovation & Resiliency Fund. At the end of last year, CCCF awarded $3.5 million in COVID-19 relief to Chester County based nonprofits.

A Look at What CCCF Funds

From health and human services to arts & culture, history and education to environmental causes, and everything in between, CCCF works with funds in a variety of fields. The Fund for Women and Girls is just one example of the many outstanding funds CCCF supports.

Created in response to the needs of women, girls, and their families in Chester County, The Fund works to foster economic freedom, well-being, and security for women and their families living and working throughout the county. The Fund delivers on its mission primarily through grant-making and educational programming. Since 1996, The Fund has awarded more than $3 million in grants to 72 nonprofit organizations addressing critical needs for women and girls.

If you’re interested in supporting The Fund for Women and Girls, the organization accepts donations through its website.

More from CCCF

In addition to managing hundreds of different charitable funds, CCCF also has other important informational resources. One such resource we want to highlight is CCCF’s Stand for Social Justice page.

This page explains philanthropy’s role in the fight for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. It also provides resources for learning and support that can help us engage in conversation about these topics respectfully. Additionally, the page includes a list of organizations related to racial and ethnic justice, gender equality and women’s rights, diversity of gender and sexual orientation, and faith-based justice.

CCCF Grants & Outreach Officer Stephenie Stevens was featured in an episode of Start Local, which may provide additional resources for donors and nonprofits alike. Stephenie shared some of the struggles nonprofits are experiencing in the COVID-19 economy, as well as examples of nonprofits that have successfully pivoted to offer their services and programs in new ways. Stephenie also suggested ways for donors interested in supporting local charities to review and vet those nonprofits.

In these difficult times, we are proud to be in community with organizations like CCCF. We applaud the work they continue to do to support Chester County nonprofits. We hope that you will join us in supporting their efforts and their commitment to social justice.

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