The Business Value of Starting Your Own Podcast

In the past three years, we have launched a variety of podcast shows and produced over 160 episodes. Given our level of podcasting experience, we want to share what we’ve learned with those who might be considering a podcast for their own business or non-profit. We have crafted a list of 10 key business values that podcasting can generate.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast setup with microphone and laptop

A podcast is basically a radio program that is published on the internet instead of over the AM or FM dial. It is typically an audio recording that is shared online, which folks can listen to on their computers, tablets, and phones. (We write typically because more and more folks are producing podcasts with the video and publishing them to YouTube.) Most folks listen to podcasts in podcast players like iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Anchor.

A podcast is more than a single episode or file; rather, a podcast is more like a program with new episodes recorded and published on an ongoing basis. A podcast should have a specific focus, with specific content, and a target audience. (To explore a couple of podcasts, consider checking out Start Local and Hallway Chats, which our own Liam Dempsey co-hosts.)

10 Key Business Values from Podcasting

We’ve compiled a list of ways podcasting can benefit businesses and non-profit organizations. Appreciative that different companies and charities will find different values in podcasting, we note that these values are not listed in any particular order.

  1. Enables great networking opportunities because podcasting affords a valuable reason to contact someone – valuable for the person we’re contacting. Inviting someone to speak on our show gives them an opportunity to promote themselves and their business.
  2. Provides another medium for sharing important, valuable, and relevant information about our business or services. A podcast is a good way to get our audience to rethink how they can use and interact with our business or services – like how to get the most out of an existing service, or a new way to use an existing product.
  3. Builds our reputation as a thought or industry leader. As we explore new ideas, practices, skills, and more, podcasting is a good way to share what we’ve learned and show people we are thinking about our industries in innovative ways.
  4. Gives us a new way to connect with new audiences. We are working to build up our listenership – to create a group of people who want to hear our messages. We might also draw in new folks from our guests’ respective audiences.
  5. Powers growth of a distribution list. We can post each episode with a prompt to join our mailing list. We can also remind listeners in the show that they can sign up for our newsletters and emails.
  6. Provides a learning opportunity for ourselves. We can learn from our guests and what they share during our recorded conversations.
  7. Provides a learning opportunity for others. Our audience can learn from our guests, too.
  8. Leads to more sales as we can talk about products, services, discounted offers, and more. (Yet keep in mind: sales should not be a direct focus of the podcast.)
  9. Positions us as tech leaning and tech knowledgeable. Even if the focus of our podcast isn’t tech, being able to record and publish a podcast shows technological literacy.
  10. Provides an ongoing source for repurposed content. We’ve talked before about repurposing content, and a podcast is another great way to do that.

Getting Started Is Easier Than It Might Seem

At first glance, starting a podcast may appear a daunting task. So much technology and so many equipment choices. Yet, starting with a basic podcast configuration is both easier and less expensive than many people realize. “Starting Your Own Podcast with Kyle C. Rheiner” is a recent episode from the Start Local podcast hosted by Liam Dempsey. In this episode, Liam and Kyle discuss:

  • reasons to start podcasting;
  • podcasting basics (where to host a podcast, equipment needed, how to structure an episode, and more);
  • values of podcasting;
  • promoting a podcast; and
  • podcasting challenges.

Launch Your Own Podcast

We have lots of experience creating podcasts, and we’d love to share our experience with you. If you are thinking about starting up your own podcast, let’s chat about how to make that happen.

Let’s Start Podcasting
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