5 More Reasons to Publish a Company Newsletter

Why are you in business? Is it to make money? To serve the world in a way that matches your passions? To support your family? Whatever your reason for being in business, any successful business needs to generate revenue. To generate that revenue, you need clients who are willing to pay you. To get clients willing to pay you, you need to demonstrate that you understand their problems, and that you can help them solve them. A company newsletter is one avenue that you can use to do just that.

Back in May, we published a post 5 Reasons to Publish a Company Newsletter. Below are five more reasons for publishing a company newsletter.

Actually, there is only one reason listed below. Yet it’s a good one.

Help Your Clients Ahead of Time

One of the best reasons for writing a company newsletter is that it’s an avenue for helping your clients ahead of time. What does that mean exactly? How do we help our clients ahead of time? We help our clients ahead of time by over-delivering value before they ever become a paying client.

I know. You’re probably thinking that you don’t want to give away your work and especially not for free. You want to save that for the paying customers. However, helping your clients ahead of time proves to them that you understand their problems – and that you want to and can help them.

Work for Free: Where’s the Value?

Helping people for free seems paradoxical. You may wonder if you give away your work for free, why would they want to pay you for the same?

Offering solutions to your people for free – through your company newsletter – allows your potential clients to get results for themselves before they even pay you. When someone make a positive change to their business from something you’ve given away for free, you will build a reputation as someone who provides value. And if you provide real value for free, your paid services and products become even more valuable.

Think about it. Which emails do you enjoy reading? Which do you like to receive in your inbox? Are they the emails that are all about the company which sent you the email? Or are they the emails that offer tangible value that you can apply in some way to your own business?

Figure out what problems your clients have and solve it for them. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

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