WordPress as a Communication Platform

Earlier this week, Liam Dempsey presented a talk titled WordPress as a Communication Platform to the Baltimore WordPress Meetup Group. In the talk, Liam explored the ways in which the WordPress community communicates and how those lessons may be applied to the greater world.

WordPress as a Communication Platform

The WordPress community is well known to be open and welcoming. Beginning his talk by looking at the WordCamp Code of Conduct, Liam explored what makes the WordCamp community the collaborative and supportive environment that it is.

The Framework for the WordPress Community

As a WordPress community organizer of WordCamps, the Philly ‘burbs WordPress Meetup and co-host of the Hallway Chats podcast, Liam sees the WordPress community as having a framework which creates the sense of welcoming and belonging. That framework is set out in and driven by the Code of Conduct. It is the creation, acceptance, and embrace of the Code of Conduct that makes the WordPress community what it is.

Applying the Framework to Our Lives

Inspired by the Code of Conduct, Liam explored what mindfulness and humility mean when it comes to conversations. How do mindfulness and humility apply to conversations? How do we have conversations with and interact with people in a way that is mindful and humble? How do we take the framework set forth in the WordPress Code of Conduct and apply it to our lives? We can adopt the language framework of the Code of Conduct, along with mindfulness and humility into our everyday lives as a practice. We can be examples of how to communicate the WordPress way.

If you are an organizer of a meetup or other professional group, and would like Liam to present this talk at your event or company, please contact us.

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