Button Shortcode Plugin

Originally created for a client’s site, our Button Shortcode plugin is simple and to the point. It has one purpose: to post buttons within post or page content without needing knowledge of code.

LBDesign Button Shortcode Plugin

A Learning Exercise

Having never before created a plugin for the official WordPress.org Plugin Repository, we created our plugin as a learning exercise – and as a way to share with the wider WordPress community.

Although we have created plugins in the past for custom client sites, this particular plugin was fun, challenging, and rewarding in new ways. Supporting a piece of software that is used on websites beyond our control (or the control of our clients) is a much different experience than supporting a single-site plugin.

Available for Download

We are excited to see that others have a use for our tool. Our button plugin has been downloaded over 300 times and is being used on over 100 installs. That’s pretty cool.

Try it out yourself and let us know what you think: https://wordpress.org/plugins/lbdesign-button-shortcode/