Social Media Strategy: Growing Brand Awareness

Earlier this year, Liam Dempsey delivered a five-part webinar series about website strategy for nonprofits, including a seminar on Social Media: Growing Brand Awareness. Covering topics such as content marketing strategy, social media strategy, and WordPress as a content management system, Liam spoke to a national audience about these key topics. With thanks to Tech Impact for hosting the series, we are pleased to share the videos with those who may have been unable to attend.

Social Media Strategy: Growing Brand Awareness

We are delighted to share the fourth video in the webinar series, Social Media Strategy: Growing Brand Awareness on our website. In this 50-minute video, Liam Dempsey discusses the purpose of social media, how to use it, key social media sites, and a few suggestions on how not to use social media – all the while focusing on nonprofits.

As a side note, we will be posting the remaining video in the series in a final blog post.

The first three parts of the webinar can be viewed in the following blog posts:

No Sound Please

If you are unable to watch the video or prefer to view slides, we have shared Liam’s slides below.

Interested in Upping Your Online Marketing Efforts

We have helped many nonprofit and commercial organizations create online marketing and social media strategies. Having a social media strategy enables everyone on your team to know and understand the goals of the strategy – and for everyone to be work towards those same goals.

Whether you need help getting started with a social media strategy or just a little help in refining one you already have, we can help. Let’s start a conversation.

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