Content Marketing: Strategy and Implementation

As part three of a five-part webinar series about website strategy for nonprofits, Liam Dempsey gave a detailed overview of content marketing for non-profits in an online talk hosted by Tech Impact.

Content Marketing: Strategy + Implementation for Nonprofits

We are delighted to share the third video in the webinar series, Content Marketing: Strategy and Implementation on our own website. In it, Liam Dempsey discusses the value of a content strategy plan, things to consider when developing a plan, tips for following the plan, and finally, how to measure the success of that plan.

Of course, we will definitely share the remaining two videos in this popular series in subsequent blog posts.

Just the Slides, Please

If you would rather skip the talking and want to flip through the slides from the presentation, we have provided Liam’s slides below.

Being More Strategic in Your Content Marketing

Content-focused marketing can be a real challenge for any nonprofit. For that matter, it can be a hurdle to many for profit businesses too. At LBDesign, we specialize in online marketing. We have a great track record of helping our clients successfully navigate content marketing campaigns.

If you’re worried that your own content marketing efforts have stalled, or if you’re not sure how to even get started, we’d be thrilled to chat with you about that. Get in touch.

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