Supporting Maire Aileen Dempsey, Democrat for Judge

We were excited to be involved in the pre-launch work for Maire Aileen Dempsey’s effort to win election for judge in Cook County, Illinois. Over the past two weeks, our office was racing to create a campaign logotype, website, and artwork for social media outlets. Working on very short deadlines, we crafted clean, clear designs that will be a key part of Maire’s political campaign in the weeks and months ahead.

Elect Maire Dempsey for Judge

Maire Aileen Dempsey, Democrat for Judge

Living and working in Chicago, Maire Dempsey is an experienced lawyer who defends the rights of clients in civil cases. An attorney for 17 years, Maire has focused her practice on defending nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. Active in her local community, Maire volunteers her time helping those in need. She is an avid martial artist – with a black belt in karate, and advanced belts in two more martial arts – who is dedicated to helping to train women to defend themselves from sexual assaults.

Maire is working to be a judge in Cook County, Illinois because she believes that everyone who has an interaction with the judicial system must be treated fairly and with respect. Maire really does appreciate that when people appear in court, they are often facing one of the most stressful and vulnerable experiences of their lives. Those people deserve to have their case heard by a judge who treats each one of them with compassion and fairness.

Maire Aileen Dempsey, Democrat for Judge

As you might have guessed, Maire Dempsey is Liam’s younger sister. Liam is pretty excited to see Maire working so hard to put her skills, experience, and knowledge at the service of others, especially the less advantaged.

A Fast-Paced Creative Project

When Maire first shared her intentions to run for judge in Cook County, Illinois, we volunteered to create the campaign materials that she would need. In advance of the public launch of Maire’s campaign, we created a logotype, produced a WordPress website – using the Astra theme and the Elementor page-builder plugin – and styled and configured Maire’s social media’s sites.

You can find Maire online as detailed below:

Maire’s website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Support Maire Aileen Dempsey, Democrat for Judge

We invite you to consider supporting Maire’s campaign for judge, especially if you’re a registered voter in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois. You can learn more about Maire, her experience, her interests, and how to support her campaign by visiting

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