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At LBDesign, we pride ourselves on our creativity and that we can bring that creativity to all sorts of projects. Whether we’re designing websites, creating new company logos, crafting annual reports or shoots videos, we bring a creative flare to our work. So you can imagine how excited we were that the photography of our own Ngaire Ackerley has been featured in a number of well known websites and magazines.

A Passionate Travel Photographer

Lonely Planet traveller Magazine, June 2014

Lonely Planet traveller Magazine, June 2014

With a deeply held desire to see the world, Ngaire Ackerley is passionate about her photography and travel. She blogs regularly on about her travel experiences and life being an expat. Ngaire has been posting amazing photos and wonderful stories for over a year now. Recently she begun to have her posts and photographs published on other sites and in magazines.

Seeing her work published in print is something Ngaire’s always wanted to see. In the past she was featured in a New Zealand travel magazine called ‘Inspire’ and more recently she was featured in Lonely Planet’s ‘traveller’ magazine. The June 2014 issue, on sale from 01 May 2014 in the UK, features a photograph in the ‘Postcards’ section that Ngaire took on her trip to Rwanda a few years ago, where she met a group of mountain gorillas in the mountains of Volcanoes National Park.

She has also been writing guest posts for On the Go Tours about Russia and capturing experiences in photographs. Hailing from New Zealand, Ngaire also often writes about experiences in the UK, being away from home, and solo travel, as features on TNT Magazine and the New Zealand Times website.

To check out more of Ngaire’s amazing photos — and who wouldn’t want to do that? — go ahead and surf over to

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