Joining the Board of Joseph’s People

As 2015 comes to a close, we are delighted to share the news that Liam Dempsey has been invited to join the Board of Joseph’s People, a charity focused on offering support, guidance, and job counseling services to people who are unemployed or seeking full employment. An ecumenical group, Joseph’s People actively welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs, including those with no faith.

Initial Involvement with Joseph’s People

Joseph's PeopleJoseph’s People first came to Liam’s attention back in 2010 or so, when he was introduced to the organization through a friend.

Liam attended a few of the meetings at the Eagle Chapter of Joseph’s People. He was impressed by the inclusivity of the group and was moved by their thoughtful support of each other. There was a genuineness about the group and a deep-seated interest in supporting its community.

Further Support for the Charity

Over the years, Liam Dempsey’s involvement increased. He became a regular volunteer at the Eagle Chapter’s meetings. In 2012, he was asked to help organize a retreat for Joseph’s People members and their partners (wives, husbands, significant other and close family or friends). He has seen been a part of the planning team for that event ever since.

In joining the Board of Joseph’s People, Liam looks forward to being of service those women and men who most need the support of the organization.

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