Website Strategy: An Overview for Nonprofits

Earlier this year, Liam Dempsey delivered a five-part webinar series about website strategy for nonprofits. Hosted by our friends and colleagues at Tech Impact, this in-depth series covers topics including WordPress as a full content management system, growing brand awareness with social media, and keeping websites safe and hack free.

Website Strategy for Nonprofits

At last, we can share the news that the recordings from the webinar are now on our YouTube channel! We have posted the first video in the webinar series, Website Strategy: An Overview for Non Profits, here on our website. In it, Liam Dempsey discusses website strategy for nonprofits, highlights the importance of a website’s design, and flags up tools to connect with visitors.

On a side note, we will be posting the remaining four videos in the series in subsequent blog posts.

Just the Slides, Please

If you’re somewhere where you don’t have access to sound, or if you need to keep it quiet, we’ve provided the slides from Liam’s presentation. Go on – flip through in silence.

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