Protecting Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation

We were delighted to attend the official launch of Villanova University School of Law’s new Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation last night. The formal affair was an opportunity to officially introduce the CSE Institute to the world and for the CSE Institute to thank its donors and supporters.

Tackling Commercial Sexual Exploitation

The CSE Institute Launches

The Executive Director of the CSE Institute, Shea M. Rhodes, with Lauren Pittenger and Liam Dempsey of LBDesign.

The CSE Institute’s mission is to train members of the criminal justice system such as judges, police, policy makers and more about the victimization that occurs in sex trafficking. Blending real world action with an academic focus on policy and scholarship, the CSE Institute has already provided training to over 500 people across the state as well as published policy papers and academic scholarship. (The CSE Institute unofficially began operations in January 2015.)

The CSE Institute’s work focuses on data collection and reporting, education and training, and legal research and technical assistance. The institute is currently seeking funding opportunities to enable it to provide direct legal services to victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

With funding from NoVo Foundation, the CSE Institute aims to advocate for the rights of the victims of commercial sexual exploitation first in Pennsylvania, and then across the wider community.

Putting Our Money Where It’s Needed

We were privileged to work with the CSE Institute on the design and production of its new website. We have also designed and produced its brochures.  We consider ourselves privileged to support their awareness-raising efforts on an on-going basis

As a creative agency, we are thrilled to be able to put our skills to work in support of such an important cause, grateful for the work the CSE Institute is doing, and pleased to continue to support their efforts by maintaining and updating their website each month.

At LBDesign, we believe in committing ourselves and our work to a greater cause. To that end, in addition to all the design and development work that we have donated to date, we have committed to donating 8 hours of work every month to the CSE Institute. This donation enables us to play an active role in improving the lives of victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

To learn more about the amazing work that the CSE Institute is doing, please visit

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