Staying Online: Keeping Your Website Safe + Secure

In the fifth and final episode in a series of webinars about online marketing for nonprofits, Liam Dempsey focused on web security, highlighting several key ways to maintain a safe, secure website. The detailed conversation, hosted by Tech Impact, covered the fundamentals for charities and other nonprofit organizations looking to take advantage of web-based marketing.

Staying Online: Keeping Your Website Safe + Secure

We are delighted to share the fifth and last video in the webinar series, Staying Online: Keeping Your Website Safe + Secure. In it, Liam Dempsey discusses key points in keeping WordPress websites secure, security tips for website managers, and a few recommended plugins and services that are available to help keep our websites secure.

The first four parts of the webinar can be viewed in the following blog posts:

Just the Slides, Please

If you are unable to watch the video or prefer to view slides, we have shared Liam’s slides below.

Does Your Website Need a Security Review?

Building websites since 2001, we understand the value of keeping them safe and secure. We also know that it is not always easy to do so, especially if your day job keeps you focused on non-web tasks and matters. At LBDesign, we can help make sure that your website is safely protected by a good web host and that the software running your site is all up-to-date.

If you’re worried about your website’s security, or even if you’re unsure about whether you should be worried, we should probably have a chat. Let’s start a conversation.

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