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We are delighted to share that Liam Dempsey will present a talk at Abstractions II, a highly-respected multi-disciplinary tech conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Liam will deliver a talk entitled Programming Language: Learning to Present, Talk, and Ask Questions in an Inclusive Way.

Abstractions II Conference

Liam’s Talk: Programming Language: Learning to Present, Talk, and Ask Questions in an Inclusive Way

An experienced presenter, Liam Dempsey has been speaking at conferences and the like for many years. In recent years, he’s begun to present beyond client functions and the WordPress community.

In applying to deliver a talk at Abstractions, Liam submitted the following talk overview:

As our tech communities grow more aware of the need to and value of being inclusive and welcoming in our approach, many people still struggle with how to amend their vocabulary and style of speaking to reflect their desire to really be inclusive. The causes for this are many but often include cognitive biases, and a lack of understanding about how to speak in a way that will entice others to hear and listen to what we’re saying, and a misunderstanding on how importance words and phrases are to humans. This talk will explore the value of saying things in such a way so as to build inclusivity and connection between people. The talk will provide tools and language attendees can immediately implement to foster greater sense of welcome and community.

In working up this presentation, Liam will be drawing on his experience as a long-serving organizer of the Philly ‘burbs WordPress Meetup and from the many years he spent organizing WordCamp Philly and WordCamp US.

About Abstractions II

Abstractions is a multi-disciplinary conference which brings together the full spectrum of individuals involved in modern software development – designers, developers, DevOps, managers, quality assurance, support, and community leaders – to teach, learn from, and connect with each other. The diversity of topics and individuals delivered at Abstractions is unlike most other tech conferences.

Despite including Liam in its line-up, Abtractions II brings together an impressive list of accomplished technologists. Some of the speakers at the last Abstractions conference included programming language inventors like Larry Wall (Perl), Joe Armstrong (Erlang), José Valim (Elixir), Kelsey Hightower (Kubernetes) and Aaron Patterson (Ruby); and individuals leading the way in tech, such as Allison Randall (President of the Open Source Initiative), Saron Yitbarek (creator of CodeNewbie), and Andrew Clay Shafer (creator of the DevOps movement).

Get Tickets to Abstractions II

As of this blog post, tickets for Abstractions II are still available, but you better move quickly. We expect them to sell out long before the start of the conference. The conference is August 21-23, 2019.

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