Hallway Chats Publishes 100th Episode

Earlier this morning, the team at Hallway Chats published its 100th podcast episode. First launched in June 2017, Hallway Chats is a show where Liam Dempsey and Tara Claeys interview people from the WordPress community about their respective lives, challenges, definitions of success, and more.

Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey

About Hallway Chats


Hallway Chats is a podcast that introduces the unique designers, developers, marketing consultants, content creators, project managers, and more who make our community the flourishing environment we love. This collaboration between Tara Claeys and Liam share the microphone with the unsung folks in the WordPress community who struggle, and succeed, in life every day – or at least on most days.

Some Exciting Milestones

As Hallway Chats reaches this significant milestone, we put together a list of some fun facts and figures about the show to share.

  • 100 episodes with just over 10,000 downloads (which the show reached today, 09-May-2019)
  • The show has listeners and readers in 87 countries as the show publishes a transcript
  • The show has met and interviewed guests from 13 countries in North America, Central America, Australia, Africa, and Europe
Listen to the 100th Episode

The Backstory to Hallway Chats

Liam Dempsey and Tara Claeys on BobWP Neighborhood

In early 2018, Tara and Liam were invited to chat with Bob Dunn, aka BobWP, to share the story of how Hallway Chats came to be a podcast. It was a fun conversation about how Tara and Liam came together to launch and produce their podcast.

Listen to this conversation

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If you’re a podcast listener, or if you’re up for becoming one, we invite you to subscribe to Hallway Chats in iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and anywhere good podcasts are available – including on the Hallway Chats website.

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