A Belated Introduction to Hallway Chats

As it’s been more than three months since Liam Dempsey and Tara Claeys launched their new podcast, we figure we should probably announce it on our website. Hallway Chats is a new podcast that introduces the unique designers, developers, marketing consultants, content creators, project managers, and more who make our community the flourishing environment we love.

Hallway Chats

Building Community and Growing Belonging

As a podcast, Hallway Chats endeavors to share the mic with the unsung women and men in the WordPress community who struggle, and succeed, in life every day – or at least on most days. During the show, Liam and Tara share stories and work to build belonging within the WordPress community. They speak to men and women who get on with life in a way that works for them and their families.

The show’s format is simple: Tara and Liam interview guests about their definition of success and how they are working to achieve or maintain that success. Not a technology or website building show, Hallway Chats is about real people living real lives.

Where to Find Hallway Chats

With 12 published episodes, Hallway Chats has been downloaded more than 1,300 times. Hallway Chats is published every Thursday. Find it on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere quality podcasts are found.

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