How Do You Like Your Hot Dogs?

To celebrate National Hot Dog Month, we got a bit silly with the July 2019 issue of the LBDesign newsletter. We focused entirely on hot dogs, sharing all sorts of stories and articles about this wonderfully delicious and iconic food. We had a lot of fun with the issue, and from the feedback we received from our readers, they enjoyed it too.

What is YOUR Hot Dog?

In the newsletter, we asked our readers to share how they like their own hot dogs. From those responses, we put together a short list of the different ways that people enjoy this unique sausage.

  • Chicago style (We received a few votes for this style.)
  • Topped with cheese, fried onions, jalapeños, and bacon
  • All beef hot dogs grilled until they split open, then topped with brown country mustard and sweet relish
  • Catsup, relish and mustard (Yes, we used the spelling shared by our reader; we’re “ketchup” people, but spell and let spell.)
  • Topped with melted cheese and mustard, right of the grill

And if you’re still wondering how Liam and Lauren like their own hot dogs, we’ll report that Lauren is “ketchup and sweet relish” and Liam is all about the Chicago style hot dog.

Supporting the Chester County Food Bank

Donationr receipt from Chester Co. Food Bank

As promised in our newsletter, we volunteered to donate $10 for each reply that we received about hot dogs. As you can see above, we made good on that pledge earlier today. Thanks to all who helped us support those in our local community who need a little assistance.

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