For Villanova Law School Students: Harnessing Technology for Professional Development

Villanova University’s School of Law appreciates the value of teaching its students not only the rules of law, but also the need for professional development beyond the classroom. As part of their commitment to their advisees, a number of law professors asked Liam Dempsey to deliver a presentation to their students about using technology to further professional development.

Harnessing Technology for Professional Development

In a compact presentation, Liam emphasized the need for a detailed plan for professional development while highlighting key tools for implementing that plan, such as Evernote, Livescribe, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Liam spoke to a group of first year law students at Villanova University’s School of Law.

Available for Speaking Opportunities

As a marketing consultant and communications designer, Liam Dempsey regularly presents to clients and organizations about a range of topics relating to online marketing, WordPress and technology in the work place. If you’d like to arrange for Liam to speak to your group, please contact us directly.

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