Our Approach to Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

As communications designers, we have built our solid reputation by delivering top quality marketing and design services to businesses and non-profits in Europe, America, and Africa. We pride ourselves on our focus and commitment to our clients, always working to deliver strong returns on their investment and looking out for their best interests. It is with that focus on customer attention that we deliberately choose not to offer web hosting, domain name registration or similar services.

The Customer First, and Always

At LBDesign, we do not engage with affiliate programs or referral arrangements for web hosting and domain name registration. When we’re building a strong web presence for our clients, we want our focus to be on their needs — and not on our sales numbers. We want to make recommendations about web hosts and domain name registrars based only on which providers are offering the best value for money for our clients. Entering into affiliate deals with any web hosting or domain name registration company would risk tainting our objectivity. And we don’t want that.

The web hosting market is a constantly changing industry. Technologies develop, platforms rise and fall in popularity and the quality of a particular host ebbs and flows. Making sure that we have the right web host for our clients is a task that draws our steady attention. We keep a close ear to the virtual ground when it comes to the web hosting industry: we need to ensure that we’re steering clients to the best possible options for their online marketing efforts.

As I have written previously, the provision of quality web hosting and domain name registration is a complicated task. The top web hosting companies today might not be the best tomorrow. Our unwillingness to build any financial ties with web hosts and domain name registrars means that our clients can trust our advice to be transparent, well-intentioned and clearly on their side.

Our clients know that they can trust us to make recommendations about the best services for their needs because of our transparent and customer-focused approach.

Engaging with Web Hosts and Domain Name Registrars

That we do not have affiliate relationships with web hosts domain name registrars does not mean that we make our clients do all the legwork. We happily set up hosting accounts and register domain names for our clients. That’s very much a part of our web design and development process.

Our Clients in Control

A key element of our work with clients to build and strengthen their online marketing presence is ensuring that our clients are always in total control of their web footprint. Our approach to setting up hosting and domain registration accounts for clients is to always — always — set them up in the client’s name. Not in ours. This approach guarantees that our clients always maintain access and control over these important web properties.

Control over domain names and web hosting accounts is more than just which email address is used to log in. Control over these accounts means that our clients have the power and capability to transfer domain names, switch web hosting providers, edit configurations and more. They can do so themselves. Admittedly, many clients are not comfortable making such technical edits on their own, but from a strictly “can we do it?” approach, the answer is always “yes.” At LBDesign, our clients control their own accounts. We help, advise and guide them every step of the way, but only because they ask us to do so. Not because we hold all the keys and passwords.

To learn more about how we can put you in control of your online presence, please get in touch today. We’re only a call, email or tweet away!

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