Hogar de Niñas

Hogar de Niñas is a girls home in Nicaragua run by Madre Albertina’s order of nuns. The nuns care for and nurture 25 girls who are social orphans, unable to live with family members due to distinctive circumstances.

We were introduced to The Girls Home through our friends and colleagues at Nice Images. When we heard about the home and the great work that the nuns do to help educate and raise the girls, we knew we wanted to get involved.

Working closely with the creatives at Nice Images, we lead on the design and production of a WordPress-driven site for The Girls Home.

We’re pleased to report that through our work, The Girls Home’s awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts have dramatically improved.

The Girls Home is online at http://hogardeninasmadrealbertina.com.

The website has changed the whole profile of The Girls Home – people can easily send in funds and volunteer now.

The new website is clear, clean and easy to use. Other local charities love our site it and want to emulate the style!

LBDesign produced a site that publicises the place, encourages donations and illustrates the feeling of the home to outsiders.

Rachel Collingwood
Hogar de Niñas Madre Albertina

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