Capacity Group

Led by the amazing Megan Staczek, Capacity Group supports clients in the pursuit of growth, helping those clients generate valuable results and deepening their purpose. Based just outside Baltimore, MD, Capacity Group delivers executive coaching, team coaching and related consultative services to leading businesses across the Mid-Atlantic region, even into Canada.

We were lucky to be introduced to Megan via mutual friends in the WordPress community. While working closely with Megan, we designed a new logotype and corporate identity for Capacity Group, before we applied the updated look and feel to the group’s new website.

If you are in need of a dynamic, intelligent, friendly leadership coach, then you’d do very well to visit the new Capacity Group website, online at

Working with Liam and LBDesign made the daunting work of a website simple, exciting and fun. From the layout to the images and the functionality, Liam’s guidance was on point and his perspectives beneficial. I would definitely work with this team again!

Megan Staczek
Leadership Coach + Consultant
Capacity Group

Corporate Identity