Designing for WordPress and Web Design: Bridging the Gap between Design and Development

There often seems to be a gap in understanding between web designers and web developers. To address this shortfall in communication, Ngaire Ackerley has decided to try and bridge that gap in a presentation she will deliver next week at London’s WordPress Meetup.

Designing for WordPress and Web DesignWith a degree in Computer Graphic Design and more than six years of experience designing and building websites, Ngaire hopes that her experience across both fields will offer some common ground for all those who attend the next Meetup whether they are designers, developers or WordPress users. She will speak about designing for users, key design principles to consider when creating websites, and how these designs can be developed within a WordPress environment.

Interested in attending? It’s on Tuesday, 21st August at 7:00 pm. More information can be found on the London WordPress Meetup page.

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