Chickenmonkeydog Celebrates Five Years!

We’re wonderfully pleased to wish the editors, writers, readers, commentors and many fans of chickenmonkeydog a very happy 5th birthday. Launched officially on 15 January 2008 as a creative experiment, the quirky blog has been going strong ever since.


In the summer of 2007, Liam Dempsey and his brother Conall were living in separate countries. Liam had moved to the UK in 2002 and was still there. Always travelling for work or pleasure, Conall was based in Chicago. The two were looking for a creative opportunity in which they could collaborate. They struck on the idea of a blog. As creative side projects go, chickenmonkeydog took a number of months to come together, with a draft site going online in November 2007. However, it was not until that fateful Tuesday in early 2008 that the first blog post was published.

Since those humble beginnings, chickenmonkeydog has grown and grown. In June 2008, Liam and Conall began to publish the blog on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. It’s been posting quirky observations about the world five days a week, 52 weeks a year ever since. The writing team has expanded, welcoming writers from around the world: India, Abu Dabi, New Zealand and South Africa are just some of the countries from which the contributors hail.

The writers of chickenmonkeydog

A few of the writers of chickenmonkeydog in 2010.

The blog’s popularity grew as well. The site now has a global readership and boasts more than 4,300 comments! There may even be a few fans of the site in Greenland!

Please join us in congratulating the editors and writers of chickenmonkeydog on a very impressive achievement. We look forward to many more years of quirky posts.

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