What We’re Excited About in WordPress 4.5

Last Tuesday saw the release of WordPress 4.5 “Coleman,” the first major WordPress release of 2016. With it comes some exciting new features that we’re eager to begin implementing into our daily workflows.

Features We’re Most Excited About

Theme Logo Support

WordPress 4.5 introduces the ability for a theme to use a new “theme logo” option. What that means for users, is if a theme takes advantage of this new feature, website administrators will be able to add a logo to their sites via the WordPress dashboard.

Login with Email

With so many usernames and passwords to keep track of these days, remembering which username is used on which site can be a challenge. WordPress 4.5 introduced the ability to login with an email address, streamlining the login process.

Visual Editor Enhancements

There are many enhancements to the visual editor that we’re excited to see, including inline link editing and text editing shortcuts. For those whose main interaction with WordPress is through writing content, these enhancements provide yet more ways to streamline the experience of developing content.

A Closer Look at WordPress 4.5 “Coleman”

For more information about the new features in WordPress 4.5, visit wordpress.org and wpbeginner.com.

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