At LBDesign, we provide script writing, filming, and production services for our clients across the globe. We have been helping our clients create results-driven videos since 2012.

In the age of smartphones and constant connectivity, the value of video marketing is not to be underestimated. Video is a powerful medium that can reach a wide audience in an effective and compelling way which is unique to video.

We help you connect with your viewers through powerful and well-organized scripts, often working from a single idea or two, or from a few bullet points provided by our clients.

Marketing Videos with Impact

Our speciality is short, focused videos aimed at your target audience. Ranging from 90 seconds to three minutes, our videos can be produced in a cost effective manner.

Videos can be shared across the many social media channels, posted on company and organization websites and even embedded in email. Video content offers a human quality that text-based content lacks.

Help me with my next video!