Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC

A long-standing family law firm in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC has served clients in southeast Wisconsin since 1958. Focused on estate planning, trust, probate, and personal injury law, Wokwicz Law Offices was eager to grow its client base organically so that the firm could flourish without the headaches of rapid growth. With our experience marketing law firms, we have delivered valuable results over the course of our work with Paul Wokwicz and his team.

Delivering Ownership and Control

In 2010, Wokwicz Law Offices approached us about a new website. We were able to design and build a custom WordPress website for the same amount of money the firm was paying in yearly license fees for its old site. We transitioned the firm from licensing its web presence to complete control over its website and every aspect of its content. In doing so, the firm saved thousands of dollars in web related yearly licensing fees.

Ongoing Law Offices Marketing

With a new WordPress website under their control, we continued to support the firm with ongoing marketing efforts. On a monthly basis, we edit and publish a detailed blog post for the firm. Each article details relevant legal considerations for the firm’s current and potential clients. Each post is optimized for search engines.

When the firm explored paid search to grow its client base, we provided guidance. While the firm handles its periodic campaigns internally, we crafted a focused landing page to improve conversions connected to paid search.

Over the years, as Google’s tools and systems continually change, we have consulted with the firm to ensure its current and potential clients continue to find them online.

Strong Results for the Firm

The positive results from our work are multifold. Below are the details of a number of the more powerful outcomes.

  • Reduction in web related yearly fees, saving the firm thousands of dollars.
  • Firm ownership of its content and platform, with no license fees.
  • Page one for Google search results like “estate planning lawyer Kenosha.”
  • A top Google Places listing for estate planning lawyers in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  • Two to three leads every month through paid search efforts, with each lead worth more (on average) than our six-month consultancy fee.

The Firm’s Managing Partner Testimonial

We have worked continually with Wokwicz Law Offices since 2010. That alone is a testament to the value we bring to that practice. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the firm’s managing partner, Paul B. Wokwicz, said about us.

The impressive thing about working with Liam and LBDesign is that they not only do great work and drive customers to our website, but they do it in a professional, fair and friendly manner.

Paul B. Wokwicz
Attorney and Owner
Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC

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