Very Intelligent Princess

When our longtime friend, colleague and client, Rachel Collingwood, came to us with a new project she was starting, our ears immediately perked up. As Rachel spoke at length about her ideas, we knew that we wanted to help.

It’s tough growing up today, especially when some parts of our world challenge our values and principles. We were thrilled to create an online home for Very Intelligent Princess, an new online club for enthusiastic girls the UK over.

The online club and website is aimed at helping young girls focus on their own strengths, skills, intelligence and beauty without becoming entangled in the unhealthy ways that many judge beauty and ability in today’s world.

To share this new and important website with your daughters, nieces and grand daughters, please visit

LBDesign delivered on our vision with great efficiency and clarity. Their design brought our wonderful characters to life. As VIP grows its membership in the UK, it’s great knowing that we have such a wonderful website to engage with our members.

Rachel Collingwood
Very Intelligent Princess

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