Dominic Carreira

Dominic Carreira, MD, is a leading arthroscopic surgeon specializing in hip arthroscopy, foot and ankle surgery and arthroscopy. He started his practice in south Florida before relocating to Atlanta in the late summer of 2017.

Growing An Online Presence and Practice Awareness

Dr. Carreira's website

The latest version of Dr. Carreira’s site, highlighting that his practice is now in Atlanta.

In late 2009, Dr. Carreira asked us to help him grow his online presence and create awareness about his medical practice. The medical care industry was changing as care providers were beginning to communicate directly with prospective patients. As Dr. Carreira looked to interact more closely with the community he served, we designed and built a custom website for his practice.

As Dr. Carreira’s practice grew, we worked to expand the reach and functionality of his site. With web technology evolving at a very fast pace, we transitioned Dr. Carreira’s site to WordPress in 2015, delivering an updated design, expanded functionality, and a more scalable structure.

Ongoing Marketing Implementation

With a new WordPress website live, we continued to work with Dr. Carreira to improve his search engine ranking for targeted keywords. We supported the effort by suggesting content ideas, and then drafting, editing, and publishing news updates, treatment protocols, and other patient-focused content. We fine-tuned written copy and images for search engine optimization, while ensuring that both were presented for a human audience.

In 2017, we went into the office with Dr. Carreira to film and produce an introductory video about the doctor and his practice. We wrote the script, shot the raw film and still photos, and produced the video.

Delivering Effective Results for Dr. Carreira

We have achieved significant results on the back of our work with Dr. Carreira. A selection of our more impressive results are listed below.

  • Grown web traffic to more than 3,500 pageviews per month
  • First page search engine results page listing for targeted keywords tied to specific geolocations
  • After Dr. Carreira moved his practice from Miami to Atlanta, first page search engine results page listing for targeted keywords with a search location of Atlanta – within 6 weeks of the move
  • Attracted new patients from outside Dr. Carreira’s immediate practice location – including overseas patients
  • Increased the number of new patients coming through the website

A Client Review

We have worked closely with Dr. Carreira since 2009. We’re still working with him today. Here are a few words that he shared with us about our work and support of his medical practice.

Liam is a very talented, dependable and pleasant person to partner with on creating, developing, and maintaining a website. I give Liam and his team my highest recommendation and really appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism. They are true pros!

Dominic Carreira, MD
Orthopedic Surgery Foot and Ankle, Hip Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Specialist

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