Maintenance and Support Agreement*

At LBDesign, we offer maintenance and support on WordPress websites that we have designed and built. In some cases, we may even offer that maintenance and support on WordPress websites that we have not created.

Website maintenance and support is geared to keep websites online, safe, secure, and free from hacks. We note that no site is hack-proof. At LBDesign, we work to reduce the risk of a website going offline by keeping the site software up-to-date.

Our Maintenance and Support Services

We provide maintenance and support for WordPress websites, including updating the version of WordPress, WordPress plugins, and other settings on a monthly basis. Our service can include content and other edits and updates to the WordPress website. The routine maintenance work is completed on a monthly basis.

Typically, maintenance and support agreements include the following sort of tasks:

  • Provide maintenance and support for the client’s WordPress website, including updating the version of WordPress, WordPress plugins, and other settings on a monthly basis.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with the client’s WordPress website and either resolve the issue within 2 working days, or for more complex problems, provide a timetable and estimate for the completion of a resolution to the issues. (Sometimes, the fix cannot be completed within the agreed maintenance and support agreement. In that case, additional support time will be required.)
  • Deliver additional consultancy services focused on marketing strategy, design, web development, and copy writing, on an as-requested basis.
  • Update website copy and images.
  • Take monthly off-site backups, which are stored for three months on a rolling basis.
  • Monitor the uptime of the website.

When we complete the monthly maintenance and support tasks, we send an email notification, and include a short note about the nature of the updates.

Where versions of plugins required urgent update for security reasons, we aim to update those plugins as soon as we learn of the their vulnerability. We subscribe to a number of security service notices to help ensure we learn about these problems as soon as possible.**

Dealing with Hacked Sites

As noted above, the goal of our maintenance and support services is to keep our client’s website online. Yet, a website that is online can potentially be hacked. While we are always eager to help our clients clean up a hacked site, doing so would be an additional service charge, above and beyond our agreement maintenance and support fee.

Service Agreements

Agreement Duration

We offer maintenance and support agreements in two blocks of time: for 6 months or for 12 months.

Rates for Service

We charge our agreed hourly rates for our maintenance and support services. A big part of the value in having LBDesign proactively maintain and support a website is that our clients no longer need to worry about managing their own site. They can rest assured that we are actively monitoring the website, working hard to reduce the risk of downtime, problems, and hacks.

Hours per Month

Depending on the complexity of the client site, our agreements are typically for 30 minutes or 60 minutes per month. We are always open to adding more time to our agreements should our client want more assistance with adding copy or updating the website on a regular basis.

Unused time

Unused time in a single month is automatically rolled into the following month, and so on for the duration of the agreement period. All time is considered delivered at the conclusion of the maintenance and support agreement. However, unused time may be rolled into a new service agreement.


If you have any questions about our maintenance and support agreements, please get in touch with Liam Dempsey at 610-590-0130 or drop him an email (which if you are reading this, you will already have.)

* This information is intended to be informational only and should not be considered a legal contract, or offer, or binding in any way.

** We cannot guarantee that we will keep your website entirely secure since any website can be hacked.

Last updated: 31-Aug-2021