Have You Met Gary? Help Us Raise Awareness About Men’s Health Issues

Some 15 years ago, Liam first grew a beard. It was a goatee, if Liam’s memory serves him correctly. Shortly after he began sporting facial hair, a friend asked Liam, “What do you call that?” Upon reflection, Liam now appreciates that his friend was asking about the name of that style of beard. However, at the time, Liam thought his friend was, quite literally, asking the name of his beard. Then and there, Liam named his beard, Gary.

Liam Dempsey and his beard, GaryFast forward to autumn 2016, and we can happily report that Gary has been with Liam ever since, although Gary’s shape, size and length have varied considerably over the years.

As Movember begins, Liam has volunteered his face to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Earlier today, Liam reduced Gary to a fraction of his magnificent self and introduced a new facial friend: a mustache.

The Movember Challenge

As a way to support two charities we feel are doing great work in the area of men’s health, we’re inviting people to make donations to either Fans for the Cure or Action for Reproductive Health.

Donations from You; Donations from Us

We’ve already donated $100.00 to each charity today, but we’re adding an additional challenge: We’ll match all donations made through this campaign, up to $450.00 per charity – just be sure to mention Gary when making your donation. (Or simply shoot us a note about it via email.) Those combined donations could add up to $1,000.00 for each charity. (As we do the math, this campaign could result in $1,100.00 in donations from LBDesign, and $900.00 in donations from our community.)

How’s about an Added Incentive?

As a further incentive, Liam has agreed to allow whoever makes the largest donation to name Liam’s mustache. Your support for this great cause could give a name to Gary’s hat!

(Liam has asked that suggested names for his mustache maintain some modicum of public acceptability.)

Donate to Fans for the Cure Donate to Action for Reproductive Health

More about Fans for the Cure

Fans for the CureFans for the Cure is a prostate cancer awareness and education charity based in New York. Founded and led by Ed Randall, the organization works to educate and support men to learn more about prostate cancer, and to get tested and treated for this disease.

At LBDesign, we have been working with Ed and his organization since January 2016. In the past 11 months, we’ve redesigned the charity’s logo and corporate identity and created a new, mobile-friendly website for the organization.

Learn more about Fans for the Cure on its website

More about Action for Reproductive Health

Action for Reproductive HealthAction for Reproductive Health, or ARH, is a Kampala, Uganda, and New Jersey based organization that addresses maternal and reproductive health. ARH has taken an innovative and collaborative approach to this issue: ARH seeks to actively involve men in tackling these important areas of health and medicine. By encouraging the participation of men in tackling issues of reproductive and maternal health, ARH aims to deliver significant changes in both the status of women’s health and in public perceptions about reproductive health as a ‘female issue’.

We began working with ARH back in 2011 when it was only a Kampala-based charity. We created its logo, website and promotional/awareness materials ever since.

Learn more about Action for Reproductive Health

Support Our Campaign Online

Regardless of whether you’re inspired to donate to these two wonderful organizations, we invite you to support our efforts online by sharing our tweets and updates, and by telling us what you’re doing to help.

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