Hallway Chats Podcast

In June 2017, Liam Dempsey launched a podcast called Hallway Chats with friend and colleague, Tara Claeys. With a mission to share the stories of the WordPress community, it’s been called the NPR of WordPress.

Building Belonging Within the WordPress Community

Hallway Chats, a podcastHallway Chats features interviews with folks from all over the world who are making WordPress work for them in lesser-known ways.

The shows guests include designers, developers, marketing professionals, copywriters, project managers and more.

The diverse challenges and successes shared on the show let listeners know they aren’t alone in their own struggles.

How Do You Define Success?

With guests all over the planet, the primary question Hallway Chats seeks to explore is each person’s own definition of success. Whether it’s the success in terms of professional success or personal success, each guest is asked to think about and share their own definition.

To learn more, listen or to apply to be on the show, head over to hallwaychats.com.